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Public Rights of Way: Footpaths and Bridleways in Stanton

There are eight public footpaths and two public bridleways within the parish. A new public footpath was created in 2014 connecting Browns Lane to the footpath that runs from the Melton Road up past the golf course towards the church and Stanton Lane. It runs along the top of the spoil heaps created when the Stanton tunnel was dug in the 1870s. Although it has been used un-officially for years, the access up to the top of the spoil heap at both ends  was always a bit slippery (dangerous ) in wet or icy weather. Notts. County Council have now created sets of steps at both ends with associated handrails that makes access that much easier, although in wet wintry weather there are stretches along the top of the tunnel where one has to be careful where one puts one's feet. The new footpath does now enable an examination of the Victorian craftsman's workmanship as you view the two ventilation chimneys along the walk. At the north end where the new path joins that from the Melton Road it is hoped that another new footpath will be created that will take one along the rest of the tunnel to the north to join up with the footpath that runs from the Melton Road opposite Laming Gap Lane up to the junction with Stanton Lane and Willowbrook. This would give a nice circular walk around the parish avoiding the busy A606.

As the Ordnance Survey demanded an unreasonably high ransome for permission to use the current edition Ordnance Survey Map to illustrate the Rights of Way, these have been annotated onto the 1901 map which is now free of copyright. The map below shows the Public Rights of Way correct as at January 2015.